Concept 2 Model D - Why it is best selling rowing machine

The Concept2 Model D is the planet's best-selling indoor rowing machine. It has especially gained popularity over the Crossfit community, in which it has emerged as the cardio machine of choice. It is good for rowing team coaching also because components can be connected together. The Model D utilizes air resistance to satisfy all fitness levels and may be used with a slip to simulate water coaching. This item is constructed to last a life and can be priced under $1000.


Monitor Your Heart Rate

The Concept2 Model D uses this advanced Bluetooth Smart Technology that, in turn, permits for innovative analysis. You'll get this feature dependable once you need accurate monitoring of microform information, such as the heart rate. You are just needed to buy a compatible strap, and you will be ready to go.
Handle the Workout Data

It is possible to move your fitness data easily to a connected USB drive. But you are going to need the'Concept2 Utility' instrument to accomplish that. In any case, you are going to encounter multiple, compatible third-party software for your PM5 Monitor data.

Meeting and Storage

You need have no skilled or technical expertise to build the device. It comes included with elements necessary for meeting, such as screws and washers. The added wrench instrument makes the process much simpler.

Yes, this machine includes a greater footprint when enlarged. However, it folds to two bits to accomplish a compact size that is excellent for storage requirements. Simply disconnect the monorail and upper part. Disassembling this unit requires only a couple seconds. You will especially find it convenient if you have limited space for storage.

Customer Support

Many users have expressed positive remarks concerning the Customer Service. The brand has an expert service team that reacts promptly and helps cope with any elevated concerns. Besides that, there is an internet community that is fairly resourceful when it comes down to rowing together with all the Concept2 Model D.

You may look up the movies to be found on the Concept2 site for help with constructing this machine. Furthermore, it may be well worth the attempt to go the troubleshooting section in the included documentation.

-The Concept2 Model D comes integrated with a precise and flexible PM5 screen

-The device has been fabricated by Concept2, a trusted and Respectable manufacturer in the Area of rowing machines

-Assembling this machine requires Just a Couple of seconds

-The Customer Care and Internet community are very helpful and resourceful

-The 30-day Money-Back Guarantee reassures one of this unit's high quality and Endurance


-The machine may be a little noisy because of the sort of immunity it utilizes. A lot of men and women use ear buds to help block out nearly all of the sounds.

Is Your Model D Rowing Machine Worth Considering?

The maker avails a 5-year warranty bundle for your own machine's framework. Moreover, they offer you a 2-year warranty guarantee on all components. Although this version provides multiple, high-end attributes, it is reasonably priced and very affordable. It outranks the majority of the other versions that can be found on the marketplace.

The commercial-grade Concept2 Model D was made to satisfy with the consumer's requirements and individual preferences. This device has a massive following, getting over 90% favorable reviews on major online marketplaces such as Amazon. It is well worth considering if you are seeking top-notch functionality, unquestionable reliability, and durability. The odds are that you will be enthusiastic about the value that you get.

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