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The sold outside mega-hit is now scheduled to run through February 3, 2018.

Fantastic news for frustrated lovers, as Michael Riedel reports tonight who "You read it here first: "Springsteen on Broadway" will expand its run beyond February, maybe even till June."

This stripped-down performance comprises just The Boss, his guitar along with his piano at the greatest day for any Springsteen fan.

Let us see exactly what the critics had to say...

Though Patti Scialfa, his spouse, reveals around harmonize on just two amounts, this isn't a singalong stadium display or even a roadhouse rouser. Less does it attempt to be a feel-good Broadway publication musical or even a slick, whitewashed jukebox such as "Jersey Boys." Instead, "Springsteen on Broadway" is really a debilitating if thrilling summing-up in 68: a significant announcement about a lifetime's work, but also a significant revision of it.

Adam Feldman, Time Out NY: The Boss strikes the boards at a concert series, doing five shows a week at the tiniest place he's played in years. Tickets will be tough to find.

Jeremy Gerard, Deadline: Springsteen on Broadway is the ideal concert...Seeing Springsteen on Broadway has to be like what it had been like to be in the market for Clapton Unplugged: an electrifying (well, an acoustifying) session of largely large big tunes left without embellishment...Underscoring that seriousness, it is important to admit the colorful work of sound designer Brian Ronan, that manages the neat trick of large volume without sacrificing the critical closeness of this encounter...And Natasha Katz's lighting is hauntingly successful, through darkness into drama, or only allowing the guy sing wrapped in a deep, silent setting.

Bobby Olivier, Sorry to break the bad thing, Bruce lovers, butSpringsteen's decision to create this four-month residency in New York by himself, without the support of a stage-savvy manager, has turned into a cavalier and ridiculous choice by the stone star -- the arc of the disjointed generation is stored solely by its songs and the exclusivity of its place. He would have been better off enjoying a directly two-hour acoustic pair and promoting his audiobook together with the cocktails and candy.

Bruce Springsteen about Broadway: 5 things to learn about The Boss's new series

Bruce Springsteen played with the very first preview performance of his four-month, sell-out Broadway residency final night at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York, also lovers shared their initial impressions of his series.

"Springsteen on Broadway" swaps the celebrity's usual stadium gigs for a romantic, 960-seat venue. Consequently, tickets have been highly desired and costs on the secondary market have gone through the roof.

Below are a few things to know more about the show. Caution: if you do not wish to know what tunes he played or other specifics about the series, stop reading now.

Figuring out that the Boss was not wide of the mark when he said in a statement announcing that the Broadway gig that "a number of this series is spoken, some of it's sung." Springsteen hailed private recollections and read passages from his 2016 bestselling memoir, "Born to Run," that has just been released in paperback.