Sola Scriptura - Doctrine of the Holy Scriptures

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"The Bible The Book of Mankind" - B.B. Warfield
"The Transmission of the Scriptures" - John H. Skilton
"The Formation of the Canon of the New Testament" - B.B. Warfield
"God-Inspired Scripture" - B.B. Warfield
"Divine Origin and Unique Character of  the Holy Scriptures" Gerrit Hospers
"The Doctrine of Inspiration" - G.H. Hospers
"Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture" - John Murray
"The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture" - Herman Ridderbos
"A Brief History of Divine Revelation" - Fred G. Zaspel
"The Authority of Scripture" - William Webster
"The Authority of Scripture" - Dr. John H. Armstrong
"The Authority of Scripture" - Rev. Paul Cook
"Freedom and Authority" - Dr. J. I. Packer
"The Rule of Faith and Practice" - A. A. Hodge
"The Relevancy of Scripture" - Paul Woolley
"Our Lord's View of the Old Testament" - J. W. Wenham
"What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura" - Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
"It is Written: Sola Scriptura" - Richard Bennett
"Sola Scriptura and the Church" - William Webster
"Scripture" - John Jewel
"The Human Writers of the Scripture" - E. J. Young
"'True' and 'Truth' in the Johannine Writings" - Geerhardus Vos
"The Study of the Word" - Elnathan Parr
"The Interpretation of Scripture" - J.I. Packer
"A Critique of the Evangelical Doctrine of Solo Scriptura" - Keith A. Mathison
"Biblical Inerrancy" - John H. Gerstner
"Is the Bible the Word of God?" - J. Gresham Machen
"Difficulties in Scripture" - John Calvin
"The Speaking Voice" - A.W. Tozer
"Does God Speak Today Apart from the Bible?" - Dr. R. Fowler White
"Spiritual Illumination Proved From Scripture" - John Owen
"What is the Word of God?" - Louis Berkhof
"Heresies" - D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
"The Doctrine of Scripture Today" - Hywel Jones [Booklet]
"Induction and Deduction with Reference to Inspiration" - Dr. Roger Nicole
"Scripture, Inspiration, and Incarnation" - Douglas Vickers

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