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Yesterday at 06:15 AM A remnant according to the election of grace. by chestnutmare

"A remnant according to the election of grace."

"A remnant according to the election of grace." Here the cause of election is traced back to its source. The basis upon which God elected this "remnant" was not faith foreseen in them, because a choice founded upon the foresight of good works is just as truly made on the ground of works as any choice can be, and in such a case it would not be "of grace"; for, says the Apostle, "if by grace, then it is no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace"; which means that grace and works are opposites, they have nothing in common, and will no more mingle than oil and water. Thus the idea of inherent good foreseen in those chosen, or of anything meritorious performed by them, is rigidly excluded. "A remnant according to the election of grace" signifies an unconditional choice resulting from the Sovereign favor of God; in a word, it is absolutely a gratuitous election.
~ A.W. Pink

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Thursday, August 25, 2016 1:05 PM Rev. Carl Gallups by Tom

Some may have heard about Rev. Carl Gallups, who prayed at a Donald Trump rally.
Someone who is a Trump supporter sent me a link to that prayer, saying it is another good reason to support Trump.
Before this I had never even heard about Carl Gallups, so I did a little digging.
I found one link that I am trying to find out how legit it is. If anyone can shed some light on it, I would appreciate it.


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Monday, August 22, 2016 3:07 PM Prayer Esperience by Tom

Not sure if I used the best title for this one.
This past weekend during a prayer time with some men at my Church; I was praying something concerning evangelism and in doing so I said something to the effect of: "Father you said in you Word". (Sorry can't remember the Scripture verse)
About a half hour laster one of the men in that group, talked to me privately that Jeaus actually said what I quoted and therefore I should have given Him credit for saying it.

First of all, although I realize Jesus said it, I never thought about this aspect before.
Was I wrong to say what I did in my prayer?


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Sunday, August 21, 2016 11:46 PM Partake Unworthily? by AJ Castellitto

My question, is it strange that a Calvinist would view a nonbeliever participating in lords supper as a self inflicted condemnation when the spiritual reality is somewhat dependent upon the faith of the communicant? I sometimes want to lean closer to Luther when it comes to the Lords Supper, as I find it to be a bit more scriptual.....
Anyway, Interesting article and quote of Calvin on Lords Supper in comments

To eat unworthily, then, is to pervert the pure and right use of it by our abuse of it. Hence there are various degrees of this unworthiness, so to speak; and some offend more grievously, others less so. Some fornicator, perhaps, or perjurer, or drunkard, or cheat, (1Co_5:11,) intrudes himself without repentance. As such downright contempt is a token of wanton insult against Christ, there can be no doubt that such a person, whoever he is, receives the Supper to his own destruction. Another, perhaps, will come forward, who is not addicted to any open or flagrant vice, but at the same time not so prepared in heart as became him. As this carelessness or negligence is a sign of irreverence, it is also deserving of punishment from God. As, then, there are various degrees of unworthy participation, so the Lord punishes some more slightly; on others he inflicts severer punishment.

Now this passage gave rise to a question, which some afterwards agitated with too much keenness — whether the unworthy really partake of the Lord’s body? For some were led, by the heat of controversy, so far as to say, that it was received indiscriminately by the good and the bad; and many at this day maintain pertinaciously, and most clamorously, that in the first Supper Peter received no more than Judas. It is, indeed, with reluctance, that I dispute keenly with any one on this point, which is (in my opinion) not an essential one; but as others allow themselves, without reason, to pronounce, with a magisterial air, whatever may seem good to them, and to launch out thunderbolts upon every one that mutters anything to the contrary, we will be excused, if we calmly adduce reasons in support of what we reckon to be true.

I hold it, then, as a settled point, and will not allow myself to be driven from it, that Christ cannot be disjoined from his Spirit. Hence I maintain, that his body is not received as dead, or even inactive, disjoined from the grace and power of his Spirit. I shall not occupy much time in proving this statement. Now in what way could the man who is altogether destitute of a living faith and repentance, having nothing of the Spirit of Christ, (699) receive Christ himself? Nay more, as he is entirely under the influence of Satan and sin, how will he be capable of receiving Christ? While, therefore, I acknowledge that there are some who receive Christ truly in the Supper, and yet at the same time unworthily, as is the case with many weak persons, yet I do not admit, that those who bring with them a mere historical faith, (700) without a lively feeling of repentance and faith, receive anything but the sign. For I cannot endure to maim Christ, (701) and I shudder at the absurdity of affirming that he gives himself to be eaten by the wicked in a lifeless state, as it were. Nor does Augustine mean anything else when he says, that the wicked receive Christ merely in the sacrament, which he expresses more clearly elsewhere, when he says that the other Apostles atethe bread — the Lord; but Judas only the bread of the Lord (702)

But here it is objected, that the efficacy of the sacraments does not depend upon the worthiness of men, and that nothing is taken away from the promises of God, or falls to the ground, through the wickedness of men. This I acknowledge, and accordingly I add in express terms, that Christ’s body is presented to the wicked no less than to the good, and this is enough so far as concerns the efficacy of the sacrament and the faithfulness of God. For God does not there represent in a delusive manner, to the wicked, the body of his Son, but presents it in reality; nor is the bread a bare sign to them, but a faithful pledge. As to their rejection of it, that does not impair or alter anything as to the nature of the sacrament.

It remains, that we give a reply to the statement of Paul in this passage. “Paul represents the unworthy as guilty, inasmuch as they do not discern the Lord’s body: it follows, that they receive his body.” I deny the inference; for though they reject it, yet as they profane it and treat it with dishonor when it is presented to them, they are deservedly held guilty; for they do, as it were, cast it upon the ground, and trample it under their feet. Is such sacrilege trivial? Thus I see no difficulty in Paul’s words, provided you keep in view what God presents and holds out to the wicked — not what they receive.

Fr Aidan Kimel says:
22 October 2014 at 9:15 am
I had to chuckle when I read “as others allow themselves, without reason, to pronounce, with a magisterial air, whatever may seem good to them, and to launch out thunderbolts upon every one that mutters anything to the contrary”—Calvin has to be referring to Luther here.

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Friday, August 19, 2016 10:40 AM An interesting stat to find out by John_C

With the impending prospects of religious rights taking a big hit in the upcoming years in the USA, I wonder if one way to see the effect is the knowing this stat. (In doing this, I realize I'm assuming that the USA has a lot more religious freedomes or at least tax privileges than western European countries). The question.

What is the percentage of religious workers in Great Britain and western Europe as compared to the USA?

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