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Open Forum
Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:48 AM
I just realized I said the word "friend" in my OP. The word I should have used was "acquaintance", because although he calls himself a Christian, I have my doubts. He also sends me some very questionable things that he says are facts. For example "the spear that was supposedly thrust into Jesus's side he has seen with his own eyes. He also said that Jesus's mother Mary was buried in England. He says that he has not only researched these things himself, he has also traveled and seen things personally. He also adds that down through the centuries, that this spear has been carried into battle and they have won every battle. Call me a cynic, but...
One time, he sent me a link showing so called proof of whatever it was that he wanted me to see. The first thing I noticed was the person in the link showing these claims was a heretic and false prophet. I told him this and boy did he get upset. He says that he has no idea who that person was, however he could care less because he has done his research and it doesn't matter who gives the information.
Another time, he gave me some information and I checked it out and I thought it was questionable at best. So I politely tried to ask for more proof.
His response was:
You are always questioning everything I tell you!!!

I think you get the picture. He gets offended very easily and thinks I should accept everything he says without questioning it.

I have been extremely patient with this man, because I have been able to talk about the Gospel and things like the Bible's account of creation with him. However my patience is wearing thin and I am thinking I am wasting my time with him. I am actually thinking that for now on, unless I start to feel differently, I am going to keep my communication with him to a minimal.

By the way, although I know for sure he actually teaches classes at a local college on historical empires, such as the Parthian Empire. Based on what I am learning about the man, I certainly would not trust the historical accuracy of what he teaches in his classes.

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Theology Discussion Forum
Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:34 PM

1. You are basing the majority of your consternation on your own personal experience, no? Assuming that this is the case, let me respond from my own personal experience. grin I have seen most all of the "Presbyterian" governed churches, both continental and reformed (Dutch) fall into heresy and some even into apostasy over the past 30+ years. Think back also even back in the 1800s when Charles Finney came onto the scene when many Presbyterian churches followed his methodology and some even his damnable heresy. Not much of a motivation for someone to get involved in a Presbyterian run denomination, eh? scratchchin

2. Over the past 30+ years, the judicial based system of Presbyterianism has failed to discipline even a handful of their clergy for clearly teaching heresy, e.g., John Kinnaird, an elder in the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church); see e.g., here: Orthodox Presbyterian Church Endorses Teaching of John O. Kinnaird. Other fundamental errors the OPC has committed have been the adoption of John Frame's "Multi-Perspectivalism" (I was a student of John Frame when at WTS Philly), where biblical "truth" can vary depending upon the "perspective" of the reader. Another major error was the OPC's promotion of what is called "The Hermeneutic of Trust". What is THAT? Well, whatever the General Assembly, under the rule and guidance of its 'officials' rule is to be embraced by all. In this case, the OPC GA ruled that various contradictory views of creation are all compatible because they do not contradict the "Standards"; WCF, WLC and WSC. Sooooo, an elder may (permission granted) to teach Theistic Evolution, Framework Theory, 6-Day/24hr literal creation, et al and they are teaching 'truth'.

3. In my own personal studies on this subject, I have never found a convincing argument for a Presbyterian form of government. I see Acts 15 as a one-time instance in the infant Church and should not be taken as a paradigm doctrine for church government. I won't go into detail in enumerating the various alleged 'proofs' for that form of government, most of which are based upon very weak exegesis and presuppositions.

4. Historically, true Congregationalism was extremely close in doctrine to the Presbyterian/Reformed churches. All one need do to see this is incontrovertibly true is compare the Westminster Confession of Faith with the The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order. Congregationalists believed in a plurality of elders and a deaconate. They did differ, however in that they did not erroneously divide the eldership into two; Teaching Elder and Ruling Elder, making ruling elders a second class of men.

5. True Reformed Congregationalists often have a fellowship among them whereby they share many of the same interests and assist other churches among them when needed, e.g., the ordination of men to the ministry and disciplinary matters.

6. Lastly, there is NO PERFECT CHURCH because they consist of fallen members and office bearers. You will find errors, in every form of church government, and injustices in discipline. What I find most odious is that there is a noticeable similarity between secular governments and the Presbyterian/Reformed governments where a select group of elevated men determine not only policy, but also doctrine and life of all. If those men are in error, the entire denomination is negatively effected. To be fair, this can also be said of independent churches where the "Pastor" can become the 'dictator' and bring the entire congregation into ruin. My confidence rests in God who has ordained all things, including the formation of false churches, false teachers, and false professions of faith among members who preach and teach a false gospel. The Wheat will grow among the Tares until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. But the true people of God will by the Spirit be given wisdom to discern these things and be preserved from falling away.
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Open Forum
Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:36 PM
1. I have not yet seen it, although it is something I do plan to do if possible. Very few theaters have chosen to play this film for obvious reasons...!

2. The main character WAS "pro-death", aka: "pro-choice" but turned 180° after working in an abortion clinic. She is NOW 100% "pro-life" from what I have read and heard. Sean Hannity of Fox News has promoted this film strongly.

3. The lack of replies here could very well be due to #1, the scarcity of finding a theater that has chosen to play it due to the vehement opposition of Leftists.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:09 AM
It has come to my attention that the tribe of Benjamin was considered one of the northern tribes during David's kingdom. After the split the southern kingdom was named Judah, and the northern kingdom named Israel. Benjamin became part of Judah. What are the particulars of that being so?

In addition, Simeon was part of Judah during David's kingdom. Again, after the split who did they numbered as the ten tribes of the northern kingdom? Seems as if Judah, Simeon, and Benjamin were out of the mix, then how did they get to the 10 tribes in the northern kingdom? Must must have counted the two half-tribes as two.
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Open Forum
Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:31 PM
Whether your friend accepts it or not, the New King James did use the same texts as the King James, and was intended to be an update (replacing thee's and thou's, etc.) as well as correcting errors within the KJV. The translators also referred to the other manuscripts, not for the purpose of translation, but in order to make note of the differences. I use the NKJ extensively, and that is one of the things that I particularly like about it, that the footnotes show the variations found in the NU, the Majority Text, etc. It is a little like having an NASB right there for comparison.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:41 PM
Sorry, for some reason I missed your reply. Hopefully it is not too late.

So you believe Roman Catholic baptism is valid?
I must disagree and for the same reasons Pilgrim mentioned.
The short of it for me is simple, Roman Catholic baptism and baptism administered by any other heretic group is invalid based upon fundamental doctrinal error taught and believed by both the administrator and recipient. This does not directly address the heresy of "presumptive regeneration" held by some Reformed and non-Reformed denominations/churches.

The rest of what you said, if I understand what you are getting at. You appear to think that I attend the RCC and I should leave for a biblically Reformed Church. I have no idea, what caused you to believe that I attend the RCC. I can assure you that I attend a biblically Reformed Church.

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Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:20 PM
Let not a single action alienate a friend: bear in mind the general tenor of his conduct towards you. Be as ready to forgive as you desire to be forgiven. Remember there is still much in you which grates upon others. When wronged pray over it before you pass a verdict. Many a person has afterwards bitterly regretted a hasty decision. Take all the circumstances into account and “judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”
~ A. W. Pink
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What's New on The Highway website?
Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:29 AM
Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius (c. 250 – c. 325) was an early Christian author who became an advisor to the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine I, guiding his religious policy as it developed, and a tutor to his son Crispus. His most important work is the Institutiones Divinae ("The Divine Institutes"), an apologetic treatise intended to establish the reasonableness and truth of Christianity to pagan critics.

This month's article is one of Lactantius' treatises entitled, "On the Workmanship of God, On the Formation of Man". The style of how Lactantius approached this subject reminds me of how King David wrote on the Law of God, extolling it from various perspectives and how he not only perceived its greatness and perfection but also how he loved all that God had required of him through His laws. In this particular case, Lactantius writes on the magnificence of man as distinguished from all other creatures taking focus upon man's body in all its various parts. He was impressed, as should we be also, the perfection of God's creation of man and how it was designed to function and in all things reflect the glory of God the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

I do hope you enjoy this article as much as I did and spend time reflecting upon God's greatness and inestimable wisdom in creating YOU as a bearer of His image.

You can access this month's article now by clicking here: On the Workmanship of God, On the Formation of Man.


As always, you can find this month's Article of the Month and all past articles of the month by visiting The Highway homepage and click on the "Article of the Month" logo.

In His service and grace,
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Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:53 PM

On the ninth commandment and slander:
- "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."
- "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness." "Keep thee far from a false matter" (Ex. 23:1,7)
And yet it is strange, with what supine security men everywhere sin in this respect. Indeed, very few are found who do not notoriously labor under this disease: such is the envenomed delight we take both in prying into and exposing our neighbour's faults.
Let us not imagine it is a sufficient excuse to say that on many occasions our statements are not false. He who forbids us to defame our neighbour's reputation by falsehood, desires us to keep it untarnished insofar as truth will permit. Though the commandment is only directed against falsehood, it intimates that the preservation of our neighbour's good name is recommended. It ought to be a sufficient inducement to us to guard our neighbour's good name, that God takes an interest in it.
Moreover, by evil-speaking, we understand ... the odious crimination which springs from a malicious and petulant love of slander. ... But if we turn our eye to the Lawgiver, whose just authority extends over the ears and the mind, as well as the tongue, we cannot fail to perceive that eagerness to listen to slander, and an unbecoming proneness to censorious judgement, are here forbidden. It were absurd to suppose that God hates the disease of evil-speaking in the tongue, and yet disapproves not of its malignity in the mind. Wherefore, if the true fear and love of God dwell in us, we must endeavour, as far as is lawful and expedient, and as far as charity admits, neither to listen nor give utterance to bitter and acrimonious charges nor rashly entertain sinister suspicious. As just interpreters of the words and the actions of other men, let us candidly maintain the honour due to them by our judgement, our ear, and our tongue.
Institutes. Book 2. Chapter 8. 47-48
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Open Forum
Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:45 PM
Doesn't Scripture command us to pray for those in government? Isn't the very existence of government the establishment of God Himself? I'm not sure what you mean by "does this inadvertently reinforce our thoughts that in government is where all our secondary answers lie."?
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Open Forum
Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:42 PM
1. God CREATED man, both male and female from the dust of the ground. Man didn't "evolve" over billions of years from an inanimate substance. There is no possible twisting of Scripture to make it refer to evolution. rolleyes2

2. Man returns to the dust of the ground after death, for the body decomposes yet the skeleton remains for sometimes millennia after the body.
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Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:01 AM

The success of an illegitimate coiner depends largely upon how closely the counterfeit resembles the genuine article. Heresy is not so much the total denial of the truth as a perversion of it. That is why half a lie is always more dangerous than a complete repudiation. Hence when the Father of Lies enters the pulpit it is not his custom to flatly deny the fundamental truths of Christianity, rather does he tacitly acknowledge them, and then proceed to give an erroneous interpretation and a false application.

~ A. Pink.
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