You asked the question where I got the idea that you got permission from your doctor to smoke. I got it from the following sentence in one of your posts:
Please re-read it. Sorry you have now missed it twice.

As to Spurgeon's over eating, yes, it is possible that he had a glandular problem. But the fact that he was obiese is not debateable.
The problem here is that you claim that Spurgeon and his obesity are related to his sin of which you have no knowledge. You relate all obesity to sin.

My point in making the post originally was not to get side tracked on Spurgeons sin or lack thereof but rather to focus on how we often get all wrapped up in doctrines while avoiding practical issues of obedience in our own lives, and I used smoking and eating as two examples, and I included my own struggle and the Lords dealings with me in the matter.
I agree with you here. True theology is that which is lived out.

That was the point of the post Joe, and btw, believing in historical premillenialism is not a sin Joe. Disagreeing with Joe is not a sin Joe, and yes Joe, I'm glad to see that you have posted something on your struggle with control because it is indeed evident in your posts, and your responses to mine on this issue are several cases in point.
This is an ongoing “joke” here about the eschatological views. Look at the <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

It is you, Joe, who came out swinging and accused me of all kinds of false things and it is not the first time you have done this to me and others on this site. You can be quite heavy handed and accusatory at times and I regret at times saying anything for fear of being misunderstood.
My first post asks you a series of 4 questions. But, in your 1st reply to me you stated, “Therefore, for you to plead ignorance of the matter is most sad my friend, and for you to accuse me of falsly pointing out Spurgeons error is even more grevious” to which you have now said you were in error—at least in part. Then you made this false question/accusation which you later followed up with others: “Is it because you smoke, Joe, that you are blind to these things?” To these first blows Gerry I responded with both a Scriptural and brief historical lesson, to which one member here commented, “I want to compliment you on this post. You really did your homework and kept to the topic. I learned a lot from your reply.” Thus, Gerry you have need to re-evaluate even this.

IMHO this topic is now closed.

Reformed and Always Reforming,