Hi All,<br><br> I am becoming more and more inflamed at the denegration of "Christmas" aren't you?[img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/bif.gif" alt="bif" title="bif[/img] Listening and reading to the news there always seems to be some new issue with taking Christ out of Christmas! Merchants are being told to negate ANY religious connotation in their advertisments and wording so as to not "offend" anyone! I personally have changed my greetings and closures on mail and email to "Blessed Christmas" instead of "Merry Christmas", will you join me? Let's present to the world our protestations against this idea of increased commercialism to increased "Religious Connotations". <br><br><center>[color:red]<font class="biggest">"MORE CHRIST </font mu=biggest>in<font class="bigger"> CHRISTMAS"</font mu=bigger>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</font color=red></center> <br> <center>[img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/thewave.gif" alt="thewave" title="thewave[/img]</center>

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