"Is that the predominant view in the SBC?" Hmmm...<br><br>Due to the nature of the SBC’s structure, there is an entire continuum of belief regarding predestination from Arminianism to Five Point Calvinism. All that is required to be called an SBC church is some adherence (even this is loose) to the Baptist Faith and Message. There are many great SBC churches that are strongly Reformed in their doctrine.<br><br>The number of Reformed SBC Churches is growing and the Hierarchy doesn’t like it. Why? Well, we are wandering into the arena of my ‘gut’ feeling…but here goes. <br><br>Reason 1. The SBC lives and dies by the Cooperative Program (the principle mechanism by which money is funneled from the local churches to the SBC coffers.) To maintain the broadest base of giving, it is important that the SBC never be seen as taking an ‘extreme’ position. Many see Reformation theology as extreme in its soteriology and so is avoided. This minimizes the ruffling of feathers, and keeps as many churches as possible in the SBC fold. Is this a cynical view? You bet it is.<br><br>Reason 2. The SBC’s largest structures are the Home Mission Board and the Foreign Mission Board. These two entities wield great power in the SBC. The basis of these boards is evangelism. Not just any evangelism, but revivalist evangelism. Since the predominate thinking among SBC church members regarding Reformation Theology is the old saw “if you believe in Predestination then you don’t believe in missions and evangelism”, any leaning in this direction is avoided<br><br>Reason 3. Power: Pure and simple. The growing Reformed movement represents a threat to those that are currently in positions of authority within the church. If/When reformation takes place in the SBC, they will be out of a job. Cynical? That’s me!<br><br>These reasons are based on many years of dealing with Dr. Patterson and the SBC board. <br><br>I could go on and on how historically, the SBC IS reformed in its theology. Instead, I’ll direct you to a great site that will answer most of your questions.<br><br>http://www.founders.org<br><br>I’m not sure if I answered any of your questions or used it as a springboard to vent. But there is it. [img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/megashout.gif" alt="megashout" title="megashout[/img]<br><br>