Here is an article by B.B. Warfield critiquing Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Darwin's Arguments Against Christianity & Religion

Here also is a book review of the Title that Joe had mentioned:

The Evolving Debate over OriginsScience and Scripture, Selected Writings

Warfield's evidentialist apologetics made him susceptible to theistic evolution views.

In the book, Darwin's Forgotten Defenders, there is a citation from Warfield's 1888 Lectures on Anthropology that goes:

"The upshot of the whole matter is that there is no necessary antagonism of Christianity to evolution, provided that we do not hold to too extreme a form of evolution. To adopt any form that does not permit God freely to work apart from law and which does not allow miraculous intervention (in the giving of the soul, in creating Eve, etc.) will entail a great reconstruction of Christian doctrine, and a very great lowering of the detailed authority of the Bible. But if we condition the theory by allowing the constant oversight of God in the whole process, and his occasional supernatural interference for the production of new beginnings by an actual output of creative force, producing something new i.e., something not included even in posse in the preceding conditions,‹we may hold to the modified theory of evolution and be Christians in the ordinary orthodox sense." (p. 119)

In 1911, B. B. Warfield said that, while evolution is not a substitute for creation, it can "supply a theory of the method of divine providence". Biblical and Theological Studies p. 238.

Dr. Brian Abshire wrote: "Depending on Scottish rationalism, Warfield eventually compromised on the issue of creation and the age of the earth because the rational arguments of the day seemed unanswerable [such as Lyell's geological time scale]. His philosophical presuppositions were such that he believed that truth was determined by "brute facts." And when the supposed "facts" of science undercut the old Christian worldview regarding the age of the earth, he was then forced to reinterpret Scripture to fit those facts." Chalcedon Report Sept 1998.

BTW For a good critique of theistic evolution and the Framework Hypothesis, see the new book, : Creation According to the Scriptures: A Presuppositional Defense of Literal, Six-Day Creation edited by Andrew Sandlin.