I've found details of this Reformed Baptist fellowship Sovereign Grace Fellowship, Box 2633, Prince George, B.C. Canada, V2N 4T5, (Meeting at 470 - 3rd Ave, Prince George, B.C.), Jonathan Thomas, pastor, life_spring@telus.net but the associated web links did not work. You'll have to try the email to see if it is still functioning.

There is an Evangelical Baptist Church
Church Name: Central Fellowship Baptist Church
Address: 2840 Clapperton St
City: Prince George
Postal Code: V2L 5G9
Phone Number: (250) 563-4473
Fax Number: (250) 563-4473
E-mail Address: office@cfbcpg.ca

There is is one CRC church

Prince George, BC - Prince George
1905 Willow St.
Prince George, BC, V2L 5E3
Phone: (250)563-2639
Services: 10:30 am & 4:30 pm
Church email: pg.crc.bulletin@telus.net
Minister: Rev. Richard Koopmans
Minister email: rkoopmans@telus.net

I can also offer a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

Rev. Lee Sterritt
Heritage Free Presbyterian Church
4020 Balsum Road
Prince George, BC, Canada V2K 1Z9
Telephone: 250-649-0440
Email: ltbspg@shaw.ca

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