I think that one of the reasons the church is so weak today (apart from the obvious ones, i.e., lack of discernment and sound doctrine), is that it has missed the boat at both ends on the issue of secularization. The church either tries to *copy* the world (the seeker-sensitive movement), or abandon it by isolating itself in its own little "Christian" communities. Paul's teaching had admonished us to do two things: (1) associate with unbelievers, but (2) not become like them. The church today has done the exact opposite. It has (1) not associated with unbelievers by compartmentalizing itself in its own little "Christian communities" or (2) has become like the world (i.e., the seeker sensitive movement). The Puritans had it right - they saw all of life as the Christian life, but they still abhorred and stayed away from worldliness. Nevertheless, they were involved in many areas of society. <br><br>