Tom said:
I was wondering if anybody still has Charismatic friends.
Although I still have a few acquaintances that are Charismatic, the close friends I had when I was a Charismatic, also left the movement.

It has been my experience that not only do Charismatics leave the movement but they often leave Christianity altogether. This is much like ExRoman Catholics; after they discover the hypocrisy and depravity of the heretical sacramental system they leave the church or at least refuse further participation. Many feel and rightly so, that they have been used. Since they have been taught by the priests that the RCC is the "true church" they tend to believe that all Christianity is somehow like Rome and refuse any further study of the Scripture. IMO, the heresy is somehow infused or ingrained and this is exactly why the Charismatic (as well as the RCC) cult movement is so dangerous.

The only old "friends" that I know of from the Charismatics are now a very secular and worldly people. This is also why I believe that if there are Christians in the Charismatic movement (or the RCC) they're on their way out and will truely and permanently escape only by God's grace and the Scripture Alone.


Romans 3:22-24


Simon Peter answered Him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." [John 6:68]