I still have friends in Charismania that think I've just settled for "head-knowledge-only" Christianity, which they find very distasteful. They wouldn't know I was a non-Charismatic if they saw me, though. I still close my eyes and raise my hands in worship; I get emotional when something in God's word gives me a glimpse of His majesty; I have all the passion and fervor I did as a Charismatic.

The difference is that now I get excited about His attributes and providence more than about my own feelings or this-or-that manifestation or event or circumstance. If you ask me, I think they are the ones who are settling for less than the fullness and best of Christianity.

I have lost touch with most of my old Charismatic friends. I know that some have rejected Christianity as "fake" and abandoned themselves to the world. I know that one has rejected church but supposedly not Christ. Two are now in PCA churches <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bravo.gif" alt="" /> and a few remain in the formerly SBC Charismatic church we left which has become obsessed with finding and jumping into whater the "latest move of God" is. Having an adolescent need to be On the Cutting Edge of What God is Doing in the Earth Today, our former church literally competes with other Charismatic churches to show itself more "in tune with the Spirit" than it's neighbors.

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