bassbum said:

I have tried to show scripture to her but as Robin said she thinks I now have "head knowledge" only and am not as spiritual as her. I still keep in really close contact with her hoping that her eyes will be opened to the truth. Oh, one last thing,she is me.

I will be praying for you and your wife.

But there is something else that came to mind as I read that.

While I believe for the most part what you said about head knowledge is certainly true.
I just thought I would mention something an old Pentecostal pastor once said during a much needed rebuke of the congregation.
He said (and with a lot of passion I might add):
I am a minister of the Word of God. However, do not ever believe something just because I said it. Believe it because the Word of God said it, I am just a fallible human, just like you!

If there was one thing that stuck with me all these years from my experience in the Pentecostal Church it was my pastor saying that.
What is ironic about him saying that is that unbeknown to him, that quote played a huge part into my eventual leaving the Charismatic movement.

I want to also say that although I disagree today with much of his theology. I did gain a profound respect for him, in that he lived what he believed.
I got to know him through the 3-4 years I attended there and found out that he spent a lot of time on his knees and in study of the Word of God, in fact he wore out a Bible a year.