I came across a plan for Bible study that I think is very interesting. Here is the link


It combines the listening to the Bible on audio tapes or cd's with the study of the printed Bible. It says that the whole program takes about 3 years to get through but at the end you will be among the most Biblically literate people in you church, so it claims. I read through the whole Bible last year but after looking at some narrated Bible cd's, the total running time was 70 hours for the complete old and new Testament. I have a half hour drive to work. That means that I can listen to the entire Bible in 2 months<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/ClapHands.gif" alt="" />
And the Bible says that faith comes by HEARING. I am not suggesting to jettison the reading of the Word altogether, but we are to redeem the time and what better way to redeem my driving time. I am thinking of using this program as soon as I am finished with my last two years of BSF.