Hi Guys!

Found a church worth checking out in my area I think.

A United Church of Christ (UCC) church, I heard these guys
are reformed, althought they struggle with liberalism
a bit, anybody else heard of this denom?

They are within walking distance.

And, more germane to this group,
in my search I ran across a church claiming to be
"Conservative Baptist", but they are anything but.

Here is their self description on their web page:

A family of friends following Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

"A community desiring to be intentional about:
His Story
Spiritual Formation
Community of Shared Living
Community of Experimental Faith Living"

I first ran across their site during an earlier
church search, I knew I was looking at code phrases
I didn't understand and just ignored them.

Sadly, now I know their meanings.

All of those code phrases are emergent.

In the last year I have heard more than
I ever wanted to about the emergent church,
and left my last church because they went emergent.
Here is my understanding of those code phrases:

"Christ Followers" have abandoned the name Christianity,
and the usual doctrines that go with it, like salvation,
hell, wrath of God.

"His Story" - denies the authority of Scripture, reducing it
to an inspired story that is full of wonder and mystery
(but no absolute truth). They also come to knowledge
(not absolute however) by having it revealed to them
(gnosticism), rather than by sound exegesis.

"Spiritual Formation" - is a code phrase for transcendental
meditation, a Catholic and occult abomination that has
nothing to do with worship of the true God of the Bible.

"Community of Shared Living" - Not sure what this one means.
But I think it ties in the next one:

"Community of Experimental Faith Living" - sounds like
typical emergent emphasis on experience, doctrine is
rejected and experience is exalted.

They are also in walking distance.

They even have a "Traditional" worship service.
It strikes me that "traditional worship"
without traditional doctrine is an oxymoron.

- Kurt