This whole CMA thing is convincing proof to me that you can't always go with what a denomination's web site says about them. The CMA's web site and founder's archives describe an openness to Pentecostalism (and a history of both Presbyterianism and Pentecostalism, a strange mix indeed). Their policy is "seek not, forbid not."

But from one church to another the differences can vary greatly. The one in our home town is pretty much cessationist and the pastor has a decidedly Reformed bent. The same is true even of what we once thought of as "stalwart" denominations like the PCA. The PCA church we just left studied Rick Warren's Purpose Drivel and offers an Arminian evangelism course. If the PCA were really all that stalwart about the Reformed faith, that whole "Auburn Avenue" thing would never have gained so much ground so quickly in the denomination anyway...

We really need to judge churches one at a time - not entirely on the basis of what even their denomination's official web sites tell us.

I too am a strict cessationist, having demonstrated from the Scriptures themselves the purpose of the sign gifts as a covenant sign intended for a single generation (Matthew 23:36, 24:34). But I'm not "scared of the gifts" like I used to be when I first fled from charismania either. Most of those "gifts" are harmless. But they can lead to truly harmful things later on, if not tightly governed by leaders who are comitted to the Scriptures alone.