Has anyone either read the book or listed to the series by Hank Hannagraff called 'Christianity in Crisis'?

I listened to it the other day and my reaction was <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif" alt="" />
More that 24 years ago now I was in the Word of Faith movement and it was bad enough back then. But, I am shocked as to the great depths they have plummeted now.
It was/is no secret that their whole focus is on man more than God. "Everyone can be driving their own Rolls Royce" "Jesus was Rich and He wore designer clothes".
"How can the Holy Ghost reside in anybody, who is sick, He can't and will not". This also includes people who are in wheel chairs.
But are you aware that they believe that God was the biggest failure in the history of time? They also believe that when the Bible talks about being created in God's image. It is talking about us being created little gods? Now when we become Christians, we actually get that image back and subsequently with faith we can do the same kind of things God the Father can.
One faith teacher said about the Trinity. It is true that God is three persons; however it is also true that each one of the Trinity also has 3 persons. Yes there are 9 persons.
Another faith teacher heaped scorn on Job for his lack of faith.

I could go on and on about many other heretical teachings that Word of Faith teachers teach. But I think you get the idea.
For those who havenít listened to this series, if you can stomach it I recommend that you do.