I am taking a little sabattical from posting here after receiving close to ten prescriptive sermons/books and as I am new here I would like to leave a little puddle of inspiration for ye all to splash in.

After reading the introduction to both Frued and Jung, I discovered that they both got pretty close to discovering the secret to LIFE. It is a pity that both of them were not there the day that Jesus spoke with the women at the well of Summaria. I am sure Frued would have been double back twisting and Jung would have run all the way to Summaria with her just to see what the people would say, either way they would have missed what so many Charasmatics miss.

It is written out for us at the beginning of Romans 8 and in fact continues right on throughout Romans 8. It is the expression of the answer to the dilemma of ALL mankind.

I have often read that and was told Paul had reached a point of confusion...what?..he was teaching and expressing the anguish of the human condition. We just do not have the power to live victoriously, to walk in deliverance from the things that mess us up.

His answer is summed up in the title to this thread: "The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus"...

Now you may be a little perplexed, so why not turn to the passage and see if you can interpret it.

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus ? What exactly do you think that means...I know that if Freud and Jung were alive they would have both had their minds whirring as they awaited the description of what I believe is the solution to life aboard this crazy planet, not some crazy solution to repression, or to the mystery of synchronicity, but something far more PROFOUND...ready ? ...Well let's have your interpretation...

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