Like Dave, I too have been there, and done that,
and now view following "voices in my head" as foolish
and dangerous.

I find no scriptural justification for fallible
inspiration whatsoever.

I never did, even when I was a Charismatic. When my
prophecies began to fail, that was one of the things
God used to lead me out of the whole mess.

Once I left, this is the thought I was left with:

Daring to put words into God's mouth, I was guilty
of the sin of false prophecy, it was enough to bring tears
to my eyes that I was sinfully discrediting Him, and doing
the Devil's work instead.

I am now keenly aware of all those scriptures about
how God hates false prophecy, and wince now when I hear
others do it, even though I know they do it in ignorance.