There is indeed a cosmic difference between "Divine healing" and "Miraculous Healing", that being the former is done according to a fallacious belief that ALL disease, infirmity, ailment, etc., is contrary to the will of God and thus it is allegedly God's will that ALL be healed, with the caveat that the healing will only happen IF the "victim" has enough faith. The latter is biblical in that God can and does heal those who are sick according to His will (1Jh 5:14).

A simple proof that the former is totally false is the fact that ALL men die. It is God's will that some saints will have to endure agonizing pain, sickness, disease, etc. to show forth the efficacy and sufficiency of Christ Who suffered ALL the effects of sin in Himself that we may be reconciled to God, experience the tremendous and infinite grace of God even in this life and to finally receive a total healing of both spirit and body in the age to come.

One of the best treatises on healing, exposing the false and upholding the true biblical teaching on the subject can be found here: Miraculous Healing, by Henry Frost.

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