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I'm actually an "Ex-Charismatic" currently going to an AOG church.

I was saved almost 4 years ago and and didn't realize that there was a difference at all in different denominations...I soon learned that there certainly is!

I'm currently looking for a Presbyterian church nearby because there are no "Reformed" Churches that are close to me at all.

My biggest problem is that I REALLY LIKE the people there...they are personally nice people for the most part...but studying scripture is NOT a hallmark of the Charismatic church! The more I learn, the more I see why everyone starts their sentences with "I think..." rather that "The bible says..."

From personal experience, I suggest you leave as soon as you can. Not that you should burn any bridges, of course. But if you're anything like me, the longer you stay, the more unbearable the unbiblical teaching & worship will become, & you'll start to resent these folks. Like Pilgrim says, you should put a request in the Church Locator forum. We'll be happy to try & find something in your area.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.