I will subject my thoughts to the wisdom of the other members of this august body, but my initial reaction is that you should start looking for another church. I myself am not an ex-charismatic although I am familiar with the movement and its teaching. However if I saw the leadership of my church moving in that direction, after expressing my concerns and seeing no change in attitude, I'd be submitting a post to the church locater here on The Highway.

May God give you guidance and wisdom in what is a very difficult decision. My family recently had to leave a church where we attended for nearly ten years (not for theological reasons--it's a long story) and we had many good friends there and breaking those bonds was difficult, especially on my wife and son. We still keep in touch with many of those folks which is good, but we've begun attending a PCA church in our area and will become members shortly.

Oh, and yes, of course you are welcome. You are the reason this forum exists.