Due to the recent discussion concerning N.T. Wright's book, Surprised by Hope and the ancillary subject on his views as well as those held by Tim Keller and C.S. Lewis on the matter of "hell", I thought it good to provide two sermons preached by Jonathan Edwards as a counter measure which set forth the orthdox, biblical view on this subject.

To say the least, these sermons are not seen in a positive light today by far too many for myriad reasons due to the 'shift' in theological perspectives which are now unfortunately becoming more popular.

Some will find these two sermons by Edwards difficult to read, but I want to encourage you to take your time to read through them. They are filled with sound teaching and application, which have been landmarks for the Church since their delivery. Another excellent article of more recent vintage written by the late Dr. John Gerstner is also recommended reading and can be found here: The Terror of the Lord.

Here are the links to the two sermons by Edwards:

1. The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners
2. The Eternity of Hell's Torments

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simul iustus et peccator

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