There are yet other testimonies which may be pleaded unto the same purpose; for unto this end is the Holy Ghost promised unto all believers: John xvi. 13, “When the Spirit of truth is come, he shall guide you into all truth.

The Holy Spirit is called “The Spirit of truth” principally on the same account as God absolutely is called “The God of truth;” he is so essentially. He is the first, absolute, divine, eternal verity. So he is originally called “The Holy Spirit” on the account of his essential holiness. But it is not on that account solely that he is here called “The Spirit of truth.” He is so as he is the revealer of all divine, supernatural truth unto the church, as he is also called “The Holy Spirit,” as he is author of all holiness in others; therefore is he here promised unto the church, as it is his work to lead us into all truth.

And two things are considerable in this promise:—1. What is intended by all truth; 2. How the Holy Spirit guides or leads us into it:—

Is it enough to have earned a PhD in theology? Is it enough to have been ordained an Elder by a presbytery or church? Is it enough to spend countless hours studying the Bible? Does any one or a combination of the above mean you have what John 16:13 is speaking about?

A person can know a tremendous amount of what the Bible teaches yet be sorely lacking in knowledge, in fact be totally lacking in true knowledge of God. How is that possible? John Owen answers this question in great detail. Aren't you curious to know the answer? scratchchin

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