There is not a greater evidence either of the reality or the power of religion, than a firm belief of Godís universal presence, and a constant attention to the influence and operation of his providence. It is by this means that the Christian may be said, in the emphatical Scripture language, ďto walk with God, and to endure as seeing him who is invisible.Ē - John Witherspoon

The author, John Witherspoon, was probably the only clergyman to have signed the "Declaration of Independence" in 1776. And it was in that same year that Witherspoon preached a sermon on the divine and sovereign providence of God, to which he called all citizens of the new republic to put their unfeigned trust. This is a very moving sermon which will surely moved the hearts of all those who are adopted children of God by the transforming power of the Spirit.

You will not find the typical and errant presupposition of most evangelicals of our day, i.e., to think that "faith in God" will surely guarantee victory over our country's enemies. No, no... Witherspoon was firmly grounded in the teaching of Scripture and realized that defeat was a real possibility unless by God's providence, victory was foreordained and brought to pass by His sovereign will and power. It is God Who raises up nations and brings them down, not the will and power of mere men. Such a blessed realization and trust in this fundamental truth is sadly lacking in the world today. And, oh that it would be resident in the minds and hearts of those who rule over the nations in all the nations of the world.

Read this moving sermon here: The Dominion of Providence Over the Passions of Men.

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