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Isn't it possible that many of these Scriptures have multiple meanings? For example, Jesus quotes Daniel in Matthew 24 refurring to some event future to His earthly ministry, yet we also know from history that the Daniel passage ("the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place") was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes before the incarnation. And again in 70 AD when Jerusalem was sacked. Could there be a third instance yet future? For other passages as well?

Y'all are a lot smarter than I am... I hardly feel qualified to enter into this conversation. But I wonder if a lot of the "already and not yet" eschetological passages have multiple fulfillments, perhaps both figurative and literal.

That may be true of some things but there was only first century Israel that saw Christ and His miracles and heard Him teach,in the flesh ,and murdered Him. No other generation, or nation is or could ever be capable of the regicide, and that is the crime Jesus built His parables around (Landowner's Son, Vine dresser ).Jesus also said ,speaking of the Destruction ,that it would be a unique event in history.

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