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plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture and all affirmations/denials of T4G

It would be helpful to know the source or at least the context. grin

1. "plenary verbal inspiration" is usually phrased as "verbal plenary inspiration". Simply defined it means that every word (not just the overarching ideas or concepts) was written by the directing influence and superintendence of the Spirit of God. Thus the Bible is inerrant, infallible and divinely authoritative.

Some helpful articles can be found here:
- The Doctrine of Inspiration by G.H. Hospers
- The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture by Herman Ridderbos
- Freedom and Authority by J.I. Packer
- What is the Word of God? by Louis Berkhof
- Inspiration of the Bible theopedia article

2. T4G probably stands for "Together for the Gospel". This is a questionable group that holds conferences biennially with various speakers and topics. Some of the past speakers are not truly Reformed and are directly involved in the "New Calvinism" movement.

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