We have, thus far, in our remarks upon the second part of the Creed, spoken only of the person of the mediator. We shall now proceed to speak of his office, which is included in the remaining part of the second division of the Creed, which treats of God, the Son and our redemption. And we shall, in the first place, speak of the humiliation of Christ, (the first part of his office) which we have comprehended in the fourth Article:

Suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, and buried: He descended into hell. The passion or suffering of Christ is placed immediately after his conception and nativity; 1. Because our entire salvation consists in his passion and death. 2. Because his whole life was one continued scene of suffering and privation. There are also many things which may, and ought to be profitably observed, in the history of the life which Christ spent on earth, written by those who were eye-witnesses of the facts which they record. For this does not only prove him to be the promised Messiah, in as much as all the predictions of the prophets meet, and are fulfilled in him ; but it is also a consideration of the humiliation and obedience which he rendered unto his Father.

Those things which are to be considered in relation to the suffering of Christ, properly belong here; such as the history of Christ's passion, agreeing, as it does, with all that had been foretold concerning it, and the wonderful events with which it was connected the causes and benefits of his suffering, and the example which Christ has furnished us, teaching us that we too must enter into glory through suffering.

But, for a more complete exposition of this Article, we shall consider more particularly,
I. What we are to understand by the term passion, or what it was that Christ suffered:
II. Whether he suffered according to both natures:
III. What the impelling cause of his suffering was:
IV. What the final causes and fruits of his sufferings were.