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I thought of some comments and questions related to your opinions.

You mentioned "inherently violent nature of Islam". I agree with you that the Koran instructs its followers to violence towards "infidels". However, would you agree that in North America most Muslims are actually liberals when it comes to the interpretation of the Koran in much the same way that liberal Christianity (oxymoron) is?
I have heard however from sources that the Koran allows its followers to lie if it is to deceive "infidels". So, when I think about that I can't help but to think that many liberal Muslims in North America could possibly be waiting for the most opportune time in which to do violence against "infidels".

Is that a logical thought?

1. I cannot comment on how North American Muslims interpret the Koran nor if they are "nominal" in their beliefs (mostly giving lip service to their religion). My personal knowledge is woefully insufficient for me to make any kind of judgment.

2. Yes, it is my understanding also that Islam allows its adherents to lie to 'infidels' in order to accomplish their end. Jehovah's Witnesses have a similar doctrine which allows them to lie to non-Witnesses because non-adherents are of the Devil and no one needs tell the truth to the Devil since he is the Father of Lies, according to them.

3. Again, I do not have sufficient information to even speculate that these 'liberal Muslims' as you call them, are 'waiting for the most opportune time in which to do violence'. What I do believe firmly is that if a situation arose which required Muslims to choose between democracy or Islam, the vast majority would unequivocally choose their religion and act accordingly, contra most professing Christians in the West would quickly abandon any connection they claimed to Christianity if the right pressure was presented. After all, most professing Christians (I am using the term in its broadest sense here) do not live according to the will of God as revealed in Scripture nor desire to nor even know what the will of God is. If ignorance is bliss, then most professing Christians must already be in heaven. rolleyes2

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