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Hey sport. Paul's direct quote is not a question. And secondly the topic's OP is "What is your favorite Quote?". That you holistically disagree with the apostle is your problem. But I do have the freedom under this forums rules to post what you absolutely despise and it is scripture by the way. Have a good day.

1. My name isn't "sport", which btw is rather a rude way of addressing me.

2. It doesn't matter if what you posted is a "direct quote", it doesn't belong HERE in this forum, which is for the announcing of changes and/or additions to the Discussion Board. As I pointed out to you with a direct link included, we have a "QUOTES" forum where quotations are posted.

3. Yes, you have the freedom, albeit limited, to discuss topics which are contrary to the biblical and confessional standards upon which this board embraces.

4. I believe ALL Scripture without hesitation. What is to be disputed and even despised, depending upon the severity of error, is one's interpretation of the Scripture.

5. Pelagianism and semi-Pelagianism, which it would appear to be your position from what you have written thus far are damnable heresies which the Church has condemned for 20 centuries. Thus, you have jumped into a hornet's nest and should expect much strong resistance and rejection of your view(s)>

6. Lastly, I am having a lovely Sabbath Day, thank you. grin

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simul iustus et peccator

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