If that is how you understood me, then I am afraid that I not a good communicator.
I was basically only trying to say that Penicostals generally use experience to interpret Scripture, yet they may not even be realize they are doing so.
When I started to become aware of this, over time I could no longer be a Charismatic.
Tongues was something that in my subjective experience made me feel closer to God. However, dispite this my experience and what I was reading in Scripture was at odds.
Eventually even though I really missed it, I stopped speaking in tongues.

This is one reason why the Charismatic Movement is so dangerous. In fact, there are some of my family members, who concider me backslidden because of this matter.
My sister rebuked me soundly once when I tried to tell her what Benny Hinn believed about the Trinity and also stated that the only reason why I would say something like that about "God's anointed" is because I am no longer Charismatic.