This month's article is the 3rd installment of J.C. Ryle's Warning to the Churches which is an exposition and application of 1Tim 4:15.

There are those, of whom their congregations have said, that when they were in the pulpit—they were so good, that never wished them to come out; and when they went out of the pulpit—they were so bad, they never wished them to go in! May God give us all grace to take that to heart! May we seek so to live, so to preach, so to work, so to give ourselves wholly to the business of our calling, that this bitter remark may never be made about us.

Although Ryle is addressing men who are given to the pastoring of churches, much of what he writes is also applicable to everyone who professes to be a believer in the Lord Christ. It is often said that ministers/pastors/elders are to be held to a higher standard. But, is this actually possible? For our God requires of all, without exception, believer and unbeliever, to be perfect, holy as He is perfect and holy. But in the administration of the offices of the church some unique things are also required of those men who are to be an example to those among whom they labor.

May the Spirit use this article to conform us all more and more into the image of Christ in our pilgrimage on this earth.

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