Recently I watched a part of an on going debate on the Ecclesiastical text between James White and Pastor Truelove.
I found a lot of it to be a little over my head, however it would seem that James White believes that things like a long ending in Mark should not be part of the canon of Scripture.
White seems to advocate the Alexandrian text and Pastor Truelove advocates the Byzantine text.
Dr. White says what pastor Truelove is advocating is actually very dangerous.
Near the end, if I understood the video properly, Dr. White starting using his credentials card, to which Pastor Lovejoy (I believe rightly, said it is wrong to use the credentials card because to respond directly to those comment it would be a "peeing contest" and that is not the way Godly men debate.
As I was thinking about this, the question came to mind.
"Does this really matter? Does it change the way Reformed Christians view the Scriptures? Both Truelove and White are Reformed in their theology.
Another thing that really stood out in the approach both took.
Truelove said the whole issue comes down to our presuppositions on how we approach the matter. Adding that debating White is like debating an atheist who will not admit he has his own presuppositions.
White countered that when you consider the facts, it is not just our Presuppositions that determine the matter.
I was a little surprised at White's answer, given that he is a Presuppositionist.

I would be interested in getting some discussion on this debate.


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