1. First read Paul Elliott's book I mentioned above. It is packed with documentation, e.g., complaints filed, GA rulings, etc., etc.

2. Secondly, I was a student at WTS in Philadelphia in the late 70s and early 80s which was in the thick of the Shepherd controversy. So, I know first hand what was being taught and how little was done to stop the heresy that Shepherd was teaching. I also sat under the teaching of John Frame, who taught the heresy of "multi-perspectivalism", (mentioned in HH's critique of Elliot's book on the Puritan Board). And I also had Vern Poythress for a couple of classes, including hermeneutics. Although I do disagree with Elliott's charges against Van Til, which read like classic Clarkianism of which I strongly reject as error, the vast majority of what Elliott writes in his book are spot on. In fact, the main defense 'attorney' for John Kinnaird was a former pastor of the church I attended while at the seminary.

Over the years that have passed since I was there, a number of 'stalwarts' that taught there have gone 'over the cliff' and now teach serious heresy. They also had Peter Enns teaching at WTS who is guilty of teaching gross heresy in regard to Scripture. And the list goes on and on concerning the decline of WTS. Add to that you have the silliness and errors that have come out of WTS Escondido, Calif.

On a personal note, I do grieve over what has happened to WTS and the OPC. But my grief isn't enough to quash my opposition and my willingness to expose the errors that continue to be taught at those institutions and preached/taught by the students who have embraced them there as elders in the church. I am eternally grateful that God spared me from being sucked into these heresies and prepared me before I attended there by the Spirit's grace of instilling a fervent hunger to know God's inspired Word. The 'sword of the Spirit' was my defense. And my constant prayer is that it will always be the case and that I will be found faithful on that last day.

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