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On a personal note, I do grieve over what has happened to WTS and the OPC. But my grief isn't enough to quash my opposition and my willingness to expose the errors that continue to be taught at those institutions and preached/taught by the students who have embraced them there as elders in the church. I am eternally grateful that God spared me from being sucked into these heresies and prepared me before I attended there by the Spirit's grace of instilling a fervent hunger to know God's inspired Word. The 'sword of the Spirit' was my defense. And my constant prayer is that it will always be the case and that I will be found faithful on that last day.

Pilgrim I love that about you...you are the Donald Trump of the Reformed Church in our modern day, calling out all the pretenders....but seriously, there needs to be more men like you, we should keep each other honest, especially the teachers and preachers of doctrine and biblical truth..... Too much politics in the church as well as every other area of life.... I don't doubt what you say is true..... I'd love to help expose it....

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