You know as dangerous as Peter Enns is, mainly because he is clear he is a Liberal and is one of the leaders at Biologos. I think Tim Keller may be even more dangerous; mainly because he claims to be a conservative, who is also a spokeman for Biologos.. Tim Keller has deceived too many Christians, many of whom claim to be Calvinists. For example, I have pointed quite a few people now to some heretical views Keller holds and even provided articles to prove my point. Yet, for the most of them said things like believing in theistic evolution might not be right, but it is not heretical and all the information I gave them concerning "The Way of the Monk" which is a form of Contemplative Spirituality, is so vague that doesn't prove what Keller actually believes anything heretical. By the way; their is nothing vague about the information I gave.