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You are right about both of these men, as both of them have a less than watered down view of the scriptures, as they seek to have it accommodated to accepted "scientific facts". Most damaging is viewpoint that Jesus accommodated Himself to the current views of the time, so either he lied on issues such as Adam/Eve, or else was in error.

I think it is important to mention that what you called "excepted scientific facts" are not true "scientific facts". They are "theories" that fit with their evolutionary presuppositions.
In the past they have held to what they call scientific facts; only to be discarded when facts were uncovered that disproved their supposed facts.
The problem has more to do with dishonesty, that people like Keller have bought into.
Also, contrary to what some claim, there are many 6 day creation scientists, some with impressive credentials.
I might also mention, that I heard that it is hard for a non-evolutionary scientist, to get funding for their research.

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