I would like to put a plug in for a DVD series I bought recently from Ligonier Ministries. It is called 'Only Two Religions' by Peter Jones
It basically is about understanding the two world views we are seeing in our society today. It talks about how other than Christianity, which worships the Creator, all other world views worship the creation. That is the basis of this series.
I believe this series is very timely, because of how much society is changing over a relatively short time. I have even heard non-Christians talk how they are seeing this themselves and some are scared. Others of course embrace what is happening, as though it is a very good thing.

The DVD has 12 parts, approximately 23 minutes each.
1.'Explaining Modern Culture'
2. The Rise and Fall of Secular Culture
3. Carl Jung's Alternative Spirituality
4. Paganism in the Shadows
5. Paganism in the Spotlight
6. Pagan Sexuality
7. From Personal Spirituality to Worldview
8. Where is Society Heading?
9. Unbiblical Responses
10. Articulating a Biblical View
11. Living in Holiness
12. Thinking with a Discerning Mind