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1. I studied at the PRC (Protestant Reformed Seminary) back in my younger days and stood at variance with several of their teachings. On this matter, they didn't offer any biblical/exegetical proof to support their view that "Evangelist" was an 'extraordinary' and 'temporary' office. Nor, is there one text that shows that evangelists were divinely chosen vs. chosen from among the people. In the two examples I showed, Phillip (Acts 6:5, 8:5-13, 26-40, 21:8) and Timothy (2Tim 4:5), neither was appointed to do the work of an Evangelist by a direct revelation of God.

2. Incidentally, the PRC, most all Continental Reformed and most Presbyterian denominations err, IMHO, in dividing the office of Elder into two; preaching-teaching elder and ruling elder, which is based upon a fabricated presupposition that since the LORD Christ was "Prophet, Priest, and King", thus the Church must also have those three designations in its office bearers. igiveup Paul, in Eph 4:11 wrote "pastors and teachers" which in the Greek is a compound gifted office. And most definitively Paul in giving the qualifications for the two offices of elder and deacon (cf. 1Tim 3:1-10 and Titus 1:5-9) he wrote that elders are to both "rule well" and be "apt to teach". Those who are more gifted to the public preaching of the Word are set apart not by divine injunction, but rather by the elders themselves. Baptists also err in giving authority to rule and teach to Deacons which belongs only to Elders.

So, in spite of challenging all who have the view that the 'office' of Evangelist was temporary, no one to date has provided biblical evidence to support that view. Quotes from those who have and/or do hold to that view are helpful in that they make known who did so, but they are certainly not sufficient to serve as evidence that the view is to be found in Scripture... at least not to me. giggle

Pilgrim and others who may be interested, I found the view of John Owen concerning the extraordinary offices online: http://www.apuritansmind.com/purita...offices-extraordinary-and-first-offices/

This is the only place I've found the reasoning from Scripture explaining this. It is a very long article, and I have yet to study it thoroughly myself. Now this is why I am a perpetual learner! laugh