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John Calvin is known to have supported and sent out many missionaries. This is not to suggest that John Calvin is the standard of all truth. But the view that "evangelists" existed as "office bearers", that the office was extraordinary (were pastor/teachers extraordinary too? scratchchin ) and only intended to be temporary was not widely known among the Reformers. St. Patrick, for example, was a missionary in the 4th century, predating the Reformation. And there were many more who were missionaries before and after him.

Thank you, I agree. I thought I would add, that the Reformers did not see themselves as infallible, but held the Scriptures high. As such, they believed that any doctrine, confession of faith, creed, etc... is only as good as it is biblical. If I remember correctly, the WCF and the LBCF 1689, said something along those lines.

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