My boss who lives in low income housing; was telling me about an incident he had with his daughter. His daughter had been misbehaving and he had gave her a stern talking to. A little later, his daughter went out on the front steps and cried.
An old lady saw her crying and came up and asked her what the matter was and his daughter responded that her dad is mad at her. Later that day, social services knocked on their door (apparently for the second time since they have lived there) and sat down with him and it became very clear what he did to his daughter could get his daughter taken away; because it is against the law.
He went onto say, that he would love to move out of low income housing, because it is not that uncommon what happened to him. He said low income housing is full of busy bodies. However, he cannot afford to move anywhere else.
He told me that the reality is that if a mom or dad disciplines their children and it gets out depending on how officials interpret the situation, they may lose their children, or face jail time. In other words if the child disobeys the parents have very little recourse.
When I heard him say this, unfortunately (I needed to apologize to him) I was indignant and told him that I would rather go to jail than obey the law when the law is wrong. He first told me, he understands what I am saying, but it would not help matters for you to go to jail.
Any thoughts on this issue?

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