My pastor is doing some research for an upcoming sermon series he is do on 'The Lord's Prayer'.
He sent me an e-mail, which I have included below. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm looking for the source for a quote by puritan William Perkins and I thought you may know someone who could dig it up. It's in A.W. Pink's book on the Lord's Prayer. Here's the quote:

“O Lord, open our eyes that we may know Thee aright and may discern Thy power, wisdom, justice, and mercy; and enlarge our hearts that we may sanctify Thee in our affections, by making Thee our fear, love, joy, and confidence; and open our lips that we may bless Thee for Thine goodness; yea, O Lord, open our eyes that we may see Thee in all Thy works, and incline our wills with reverence for Thy name appearing in Thy works, and grant that when we use any one of them, that we may honour Thee in our sober and sanctified use thereof.”

William Perkins in A.W. Pink, The Lord’s Prayer, 30-31.

I don't want to tempt you to get bogged down in forums again, but could you ask on Puritan Board or one of the forums you're a part of?

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