What exactly are you trying to validate? shrug

Are you questioning the truthfulness of the views held by those who are doing the work (textual criticism), e.g., Atheists? Or, are you questioning the actual changing of the base of the text(s) upon which translators use to produce new translations of the Bible? Or, are you questioning that some, e.g., James White are said to approve of the work being done by this group of people which doesn't seem to be consistent with their professed conservative Christian views? Or, are you troubled by all of these possibilities or perhaps something entirely different? scratch1

Whether or not this might be "just KJO propaganda" or not, IF the allegations in the article are factual, then the author's views concerning the "inspiration" of the KJV are irrelevant.

What is clear, is that the author is a semi-Pelagian and apparently believes that baptism by immersion in water is inextricably tied to the doctrine of justification, i.e., baptism effects the remission of sins and without baptism, there is no justification of a believer.

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simul iustus et peccator

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