Like you I only read Formal Equivalent Bibles.
I dislike Dynamic Equivalent versions.
At Church I use an ESV, because that is the version my pastor preaches from. Yet, usually I study from the KJV, or when reading with my wife the NKJV.
I would not go to a Church where the teaching is heretical. My pastor is a good sound expositor of the Word of God. He is not really polished in his presentation and therefore many don't last too long in our body. Yet, if one is hungry for the Word of God, they will definately hear it.
As to your question, I guess my concern lays in if the foundation of all versions that use the Nestle-..., then does it not also mean that those who use them automatically have a corrupt foundation?
This is the claim of many, saying that guys like James White are leading people astray and are not to be trusted.