Pilgrim, have you ever read this book? We are studying it in adult SS class.... https://www.amazon.com/Confessing-Christ-Calvin-Knox-Cummings/dp/0934688044
What do you think of it? It does seem to seek to make more than just an objective distinction of our true standing before God via saving faith.... I believe he uses the word 'Consent' ....as even the devils 'believe'

Actually, Cummings uses the term 'Conviction' .....and 'Trust' in conjunction with 'Confession' and 'Sorrow' for sin..... I would prefer to hear these distinctions more from the pulpit, however and see more discernment especially as it relates to the youth.... Confession of faith is encouraged too young I believe .... I agree with the opc pastor that we should not narrow the starting point and seek to receive into the covenant.... However, is (true conviction and) discernment being applied both from the outside and even more importantly, within? Maybe we should be nervous???

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