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Lastly, I recommend to those who aren't afraid of reading things that requires effort Jonathan Edwards treatise on the requirements for church membership. It's about 60+ pages, which when you are done feels like 1200 pages giggle. But it is meat that speaks truth which brings growth not only to one's mind but to one's soul. Edwards was ousted because of his biblical understanding of what a true Christian was and how important it was to maintain membership in the church was for believers only, as best as we are given to discern. The standards of church membership today are minimal at best and a "credible confession of faith" has been changed to the point that it no longer exists.

Interesting,but the whole experiential / experimental thing feels somewhat mystical.....don't get me wrong, where our heart lies there we will be....but to quantify it ...at different stages of maturity, etc.... I think the opc pastor seeks to let the Word lead.... I just get caught up in the depth of faith..... How much conviction and devotion and the fruit of faith.....it seems hard to fully quantify.... What about the disabled child with little intellectual understanding?