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One person actually said to me, that a real scientist (not exact quote) who doesn’t believe in evolution is an oxymoron.

Actually, a REAL scientist who believes in evolution is an oxymoron. There is no REAL science behind evolution as is the case for man-made Climate Change (aka: Global Warming). The FACTS do not allow for the theory of evolution. The majority of alleged scientists begin with a presupposition that there is no God who created all things and thus they are left with a hypothesis that is designed to fit into that paradigm, which is untenable. It wouldn't make any difference if there was not one scientist who embraced creationism. The inspired written Word of God is the sole and final authority in all things in regard to doctrine and practice. And where it speaks, where it most certainly does, on any subject, it is truth (Jh 17:17).

Lol, I would not go quite that far, I believe there are note worthy scientists on both sides of this debate. Yet I agree with you that there is no real science behind evolution; it is all based on ones presupposition, i.e as you said "there is no God". All scientists have the exact same facts, but they must add their own "theories" to reach their presuppositions. The scientist who holds to the biblical creation view, knows they have their own presuppositions based on the one authority that is higher than them; God as shown by the Word of God. They live by faith and know that secular scientists have no excuse for not believing in God, for God has shown this through His creation. True science then, is discovering what we can concerning God's natural creation. Not trying to discover whether creation or evolution is correct.
If I remember correctly some of the first scientists were creationists, who loved to uncover through natural revelation knowledge concerning creation.

What we are seeing in the field of science now, is man's depravity at work in the attempt to remain autonomous.