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Good questions.
I do know that many of the people I know who are Christians who have the same goals as I do disagree on how those goals should be met. For example, on the issue of gun control; as all of us do, they want safe communities etc... But think that we need better gun control in which to do that. I tend to disagree with them, but I want the same goal as them.

Good example on how the principle doesn't work due to generalization of the issue.
1. Gun Control: In the U.S. there are already gun control laws in place of which some are too far reaching. For example, you cannot purchase a firearm of any kind without a background check. Those places, e.g., California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Chicago have the most stringent and prohibitive gun laws in the country, have the highest rate of crimes committed with guns in the nation. Criminals do not buy guns from legitimate sources, so those stringent laws are superfluous and only serve to penalize the majority of responsible citizens who are consequently denied the ability to defend themselves.
2. The majority of those screaming for MORE gun control measures align themselves with the political Left who would confiscate most all guns from the public. This they are constantly trying to do by myriad means in order to circumvent the 2nd Amendment which clearly states that the right to own and bear arms is an INALIENABLE RIGHT.

Thus it is impossible to be "friends" with such people. And contrariwise, they want nothing to do with those who embrace and defend the Constitution upon which the country was established. The two sides are antithetical albeit they may mouth similar goals. The "Federal Papers", which I have mentioned to you before, are the writings of those who wrote the Constitution, e.g., on what their intent was in including the 2nd Amendment. Thus, it isn't a matter of "interpretation" of the 2nd Amendment since the founding fathers spelled out the meaning of that Amendment in perspicuous words.

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One can be a liberal and yet believe the whole sexual orientation issue that is happening in society is morally bankrupt and moving further and further away from the foundational principles to which our nations were founded on.

Just because one might agree on a negative view in regard to a moral issue does not open the door to "friendship". The issue of what a "friend" is has been discussed before and we disagreed on that definition as I held to the biblical definition (2Cor 6:14-18; Jam 4:4). I have acquaintances that are "moderates" politically and even with some unregenerate individuals. But we are not and never can be "friends".

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