As I do on occasion, I listen to Dr. Albert Mohler’s ‘The Briefing’. Today, among the three topics was: “The Church of England now wants children to bear responsibility to determine who they are”.
Among many things that could be said about this, it is very irresponsible! To say the least.
This is the kind of thing that is starting to become the norm in the World today. The secular world view is gaining ground in many countries. It appears we are going to see a day (if the Lord tarries) where to stand up against laws related to this, will get a parent arrested, or perhaps have their children taken away from them.
I have a question in light of this (assuming it comes to fruition). It is my view that for a parent to allow something like this in their child’s case; would be irresponsible.
How should a parent respond, knowing these things?
I have heard a few parents say, it does the child no good if the parent is in jail, or the child taken away from them.
Understand here, I believe the Lord is sovereign even here and all things work for good… as Romans 8:28-29 says. Yet, I still can’t think of a good way to go in a case like this.